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Da Vinci Robotics

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Surgeon Console

The surgeon console is where your surgeon sits during the procedure, has a crystal-clear 3DHD view of your anatomy, and controls the instruments. The tiny instruments are “wristed” and move like a human hand, but with a far greater range of motion.

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Patient Cart

The patient-side cart is positioned near the patient on the operating table. It is where the instruments used during the operation move in real time in response to your surgeon’s hand movements at the surgeon console.

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Vision Cart

The vision cart makes communication between the components of the system possible and provides a screen for the care team to view the operation

Over the last 20 years, more than 44,000 surgeons worldwide have used the

da Vinci®  surgical system to perform robotic-assisted surgery on more than

6 million patients across a variety of procedures.


Surgeons have chosen this approach because of the precision and vision it can provide during surgery.

  • During robotic-assisted surgery, your surgeon will make a few small incisions, and use a 3D high-definition camera for a crystal-clear, magnified view of the surgical area.

  • Your surgeon sits at a console next to you and operates through the incisions using a camera and tiny instruments.

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